Campaign Launchpad

Demand center platform for Oracle Eloqua

The Campaign Launchpad™ allows your operations team to embed best practices, governance and brand protection behind an easy to use interface that enable your marketers to handle list loads, e-mail design and campaign reporting on their own, in their own time frame.

Check out the DemandGen Radio episode featuring Kevin Cassidy, Head of Global Marketing Automation at Sage, who talks about how Campaign Launchpad™ allows to centralize marketing operations functions while decentralizing responsibilities.

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Give your organization the ability to quickly and easily deploy and report on complex Oracle Eloqua campaigns.

Allow your organization to take full advantage of the power of Oracle Eloqua while mitigating the risk of accidental user error causing misconfigured campaigns, broken emails or unintended sends. With the Campaign Launchpad™ you can transform even the most complex campaign into an easy three-step wizard exposing only the necessary configuration options while retaining control of critical components and settings.

Once the campaign is deployed, users are presented with at-a-glance dashboards tracking campaign metrics as well as granular activity reports. Customizable performance targets help marketers compare their effectiveness against organizational benchmarks and the admin reporting provides an easy way to keep an eye on their success.

More Time for Marketing

Do you have a centralized marketing team working against a queue of campaign execution and reporting requests?

Lighten their load and give your marketers the option to quickly deploy certain campaigns through a self-service model. The Campaign Launchpad™ ensures that there is no room for error and all campaigns are configured in accordance with e-marketing policies.

Less Room for Error

Do you have internal departments that want to send marketing communication?

Expose the power of Eloqua to them without the worry that something will go wrong. The Campaign Launchpad™ enforces business rules and facilitates approval workflows so you can rest assured that even novice marketers won't make a mistake.

Easy Deployments and Reporting

Do you have partners or agencies sending marketing communication on the behalf of the organization?

Provide them with the tools they need to deploy and report on campaigns without exposing the entire database. The Campaign Launchpad™ provides you with insights and reporting on their performance and allows to track effectiveness by a campaign, template or user.

Streamlined Organizational Email

Do you use other email service providers to send emails?

Consolidate other e-marketing tools and take advantage of Oracle Eloqua's deliverability, tracking and reporting. The Campaign Launchpad™ helps to maintain one contact database, always adhere to subscription preferences and provide your management team with one-view email activity reporting across the entire organization.

What Our Clients Are Saying
How Eloqua's interface should have been built! Campaign Launchpad sits on top of your Eloqua instance to allow for marketers or other non-technical team members to build and deploy templated email campaigns. The UX is VERY easy to use and DemandByte is a great company to work with. Highly recommend for any team looking to scale their Eloqua operations team.
Madeline Brady, Booz Allen Hamilton

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