Email Governor

Email governance platform for Oracle Eloqua

Finally, a consistent and scalable way to manage the number of emails your contacts are receiving. The Email Governor™ helps combat email fatigue while ensuring your critical messages still get delivered in a timely fashion.

Email Governance Made Simple

Are you sending too many emails? Too often? Are you sending your message to non-targeted contacts?

Leveraging the Email Governor™ will empower your organization to consistently implement email delivery policies into your Oracle Eloqua campaigns. This means that you can stay sensitive to your contact's overwhelming inbox while ensuring that your messages are still being delivered.

The Email Governor™ acts as a natural extension of the Campaign Canvas that enables you to configure governance schedules for your specific business needs, for example by region, channel, or business unit. You can also set up automatic contact removal policies, deliverability windows, and best of all, prioritize communication to ensure that critical messages get delivered on time.

The powerful reporting suite helps you understand what policies are working and what's missing the mark. Get a global view of your governance strategy as a whole or drill-down for a granular understanding of how a specific campaign or contact is being affected. The real-time visibility helps you to optimize your approach to ensure you're getting the most out of every email send.

Case Study: Combat Email Fatigue

Objective: Combat email fatigue by ensuring contact are only receiving one email per email group per week as well as ensure that the message content is still relevant by removing the contact from the campaign after three weeks.

Strategy: The Email Governor™ will validate that a contact has not received any emails from an email group within a specified period of time. If they have, the Email Governor™ will retry the send every day up to a set number of days depending on the email group being leveraged in order to the find a window of opportunity to deliver the message. Configurable settings enable time-sensitive messages to be held at a different level of governance than standard messages.

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